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Review Of England EFL Cup Games Round 3

These are stats and performances of the top teams in the EFL League Cup this week according to sofa score.

1. Manchester City vs Wycombe Wanderers

Result: 6-1

Stats: Manchester City against a league one team, a result like this is borne to happens. Manchester City demolish the away side with a ball possession of 79%, 26 total shots of which 14 were on target, 6 off-target, and 6 also blocked shots. 

They also had 8 corners, made 2 offsides, 9 fouls, received a yellow card, 3 big chances, 4 counterattacks, 17 shots inside the box, 9 outside the and box, and 3 saves by the goalkeeper. 

Passes of 636 were made of which 583(92%) were accurate passes, 3 successful tackles and interceptions, and 14 clearances. 

Scorers: Riyad Mahrez x2, De Bruyne, Foden, Torres, Cole Palmer

2. Norwich vs Liverpool

Result: 0-3

Stats: Liverpool scored past Norwich even with their star players out. They had 53% ball possession, 17 total shots of which 3 were on target, 8 off target, and 6 blocked. 

They also had 8 corners, made 2 offsides, fouled 15 times, created 2 big chances, 11 shots coming from the box, 6 outside and 5 saves by the goalkeeper. 

Accurate made passes were 434(84%) out of 514, 16 tackles, 7 interceptions, and 5 clearances.

Scorers: Minamino x2, Origi 

3. Arsenal vs AFC Wimbledon

Result: 3-0

Stats: Arsenal has won 3 matches in a roll and is confident of winning the next one which is against Tottenham. 

Arsenal had 62% ball possession against the league one side, made 19 shots in a total of which 5 were on target, 8 off target and 6 blocked. Also, 10 corners were made, caught in 2 offside traps, and fouls made up of 8. 

Big chances of 3 were created, made 12 shots inside the box and 7 outside. 

563 passes were made of which 497(88%) were successful, 11 successful tackles, 6 interceptions, and 12 clearances. 

Scorers: Smith Rowe, Lacazette, Nketiah

4. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

Result: 1-1, (4-3) on penalties 

Stats: Very tough game for the Blues as they won on penalties. 

Chelsea had 68% ball possession, 7 shots on target, 6 off target, and 5 blocked shots. 10 successful corners were made, 1 offside, 11 fouls made, and 2 yellow cards.

Chelsea also created 3 big chances, 12 shots made inside the box, 6 from outside, and 5 saves by the goalkeeper. 546(88%) accurate passes were made, 14 tackles, 3 clearances, and 14 interceptions were enough for a win on penalties. 

Scorers: Werner and Archer 

5. Manchester United vs West Ham United

Result: 0-1

Stats: Following a win against West Ham last weekend a win for the home side was imminent but West Ham somehow ever changed the tables around. 

United had the best statistics but yet lost to a goal. They had 61% ball possession, 27 shots in a total of which 6 on target, 13 off target, and 8 blocked shots. Corners of 7 were made, 6 fouls received, a big chance created, 15 shots inside the box, b12 outside and 2 saves by the goalkeeper. 

492(85%) out of 579 passes were accurate, 17 successful tackles, 3 interceptions, and 12 clearances were not enough for a win.

Scorers: Lanzini

6. Wolverhampton vs Tottenham

Result: 2-2, (2-3) on penalties

Stats: Just like Chelsea, Tottenham won on penalties. 

Possession-wise, Tottenham was outplayed by 51/49. Total shots of 9 were made of which 6 were on target and 3 off target. They also had 3 successful corners, made 3 offsides, and total fouls of 12. 

4 chances were created, had 7 shots coming in the box, 2 outside, 2 saves by the goalkeeper, 347(84%) accurate passes, 20 successful tackles, 17 interceptions, and 18 clearances. 

Scorers: Dendoncker, Podence, Kane, Ndombele

7. Millwall vs Leicester City

Result: 0-2

Stats: Leicester was excellent against the home side as they clocked 71% of possession, made 7 shots in total, 3 in target, 2 off target and 2 blocked. 

Also, they made 688 passes of which 600(87%) were accurately done, 14 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 15 clearances were enough for a win against the Championship side. 

Scorers: Iheanacho, Lookman

Next Round:

Preston North End vs Liverpool

West Ham United vs Manchester City

Chelsea vs Southampton

Arsenal vs Leeds

Burnley vs Tottenham

Leicester City vs Brighton 

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