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FT: Atletico 1-0 Barca: best LIVE reactions from FC Barcelona fans

Upgrade your match insight by additionally following our live measurable inclusion of today's down. 

86-90: Sergi Roberto with a decent shot yet it's diverted. Braithwaite gets the show on the road inside Atleti's punishment box yet can't settle on shooting and leaving so he finishes behind losing the ball. 

moonchild on Reddit: "I scorn how quiet and sure Koeman appears to be even after all these. It's an ideal opportunity to quit testing and acquire some great play. We are suffocating ffs." 

JamDav1982 on Barca Forum: "This Messi is difficult to watch. Continues attempting to play a similar way he completed 5 years back however his legs don't have it." 

76-85': Messi gets a free-kick in a perilous region yet the shot is diverted. Griezmann with a header however it was excessively simple for Oblak. Barcelona at last looking more perilous than the resistance. 

SirNemesis on Reddit: "I don't have the foggiest idea whether it is a result of Diego Costa being subbed on or just Atleti playing moderately yet we've been at long last looking safe at the back in ongoing minutes." 

66-75': Pjanic with a long-range shot yet it goes wide. Barcelona think that its difficult to make chances with Atletico not withdrawing. Might it be able to be that the 4-2-3-1 arrangement doesn't permit us to appropriately keep ownership? 

Raketa10 on Barca Forum: "As things stand at the present time, it will be a colossal accomplishment to complete in top 4 this season." 

victahhh on Reddit: "Btw we should not fail to remember that gratitude to Bartomeu and his hooligans' administration we have just 1 fit cb in our crew right now..." 

56-65': An incredible right-footed cross with from Messi however Lenglet heads the ball straight into Oblak's hands. Provoke limps off harmed with Dest supplanting him. Coutinho replaces Pedri. 

rainy_the_cat on Reddit: "We are mid-table club now and if this proceeds, we probably won't meet all requirements for UCL. This is the thing that happens when you surrender 8 objectives and your splendid choice is to kick out assaulting and midfield players while keeping up a similar protective line. I truly trust Messi doesn't squander his last a long time with this "modifying venture".

46-55': Atletico keep pushing high after the split in spite of being one objective up. Barcelona have been attempting to work from the back yet they have to move the ball much speedier to make threat. 

purpledon on Reddit: "It's an ideal opportunity to allow to that lovely 3-1-6 arrangement that he attempted against Real. Coutinho, Braithwaite, and Trincao in for Lenglet, Pjanic, and Griezmann." 

sikkboy on Barca Forum: "There's simply nothing happening at all forthright. Right off the bat Dembele looked perilous however for reasons unknown, they've seldom passed out wide to him whenever he may have gotten an opportunity to run at his man. Monotonous af." 

45+: Atletico open the score after a protective bumble from Barca. Ter Stegen goes up however Carrasco beats him to open the score. 

pregra on Barca Forum: "Inept idiotic moronic. first Pique and afterward Ter Stegen. At the present time I cannot stand a solitary one of our players. Everybody is a joke" 

41-45': Barca get their first shot on objective as Messi endeavors to beat Oblak from a tight point. Dembele holding his shoulder after a foul from Carrasco. Fortunately, the Frenchman didn't should be supplanted. 

JRBatHolmes: "Things off the pitch taking an over the top cost for Messi..Man, I've never called him out in any event, when everybody accused him strolling all through the match.. Yet, today, I can't resist the urge to imagine that his psyche's not on the pitch.." 

serghei on Barca Forum: "Messi made a decent run, however ffs, simply take a touch and shoot it on the furthest corner. Or then again take shots capably at the main post towards the top of the net. Man's completing just imploded." 

31-40': The game has gotten calmer with both Barca and Atleti attempting to work from the back. Nonetheless, nothing significant occurred during this timeframe. 

Frantic Max21 on Reddit: "Midfield isn't extraordinary, de Jong looks normal more often than not tbh. Additionally left side is dead, should begin Konrad once again Pedri." 

21-30': Atletico have been dynamic forthright, it would seem that they need to get an objective in the primary half before they leave the transport. Barca, then, have been fairly calm as the Catalans battle to keep ownership. 

Neeraj on Barca Forum: "Game began with a decent beat yet has gotten lifeless from that point forward. Pedri on the LW has not been included by any means." 

alcome1614 on Reddit: "Roberto is playing great up until now. The midfield tho and Pedri are not persuading imo. Thank god (MaTS) the underlying frenzy subsided, we might have handily surrendered there." 

11-20': Barca and Atletico keep up the power however the goalscoring chances have gotten more extraordinary. The Catalans could've opened the score however Dembele's pass to Griezmann got caught. 

messi2140 on Barca Forum: "Dembelinho is simply excessively acceptable. 3 minutes in and he made an opportunity for Barca and right around one for Atletico #GOAT." 

JurijFedorov on Reddit: "This is the primary season I've followed Barca where most groups attempt to assault us as opposed to playing super protectively. So far it has worked in our bit of leeway." 

LosTerminators on Reddit: "Intrigued by how great we're when ready, however when they're coming at us it feels as though every assault could end in an objective." 

1-10': A functioning beginning of the game from the two groups with fair goalscoring chances on the two closures of the pitch. Barca's force has been commendable, in spite of the fact that the guard is as yet flimsy as Atletico hit the crossbar.

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