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Benzema, Ronaldo and Haaland are nominated for the Golden Ball, and Messi is out of the race

Well, well, well. It seems like the football gods have finally decided to mix things up a bit. The nominees for the Golden Ball have been announced, and it looks like some of the usual suspects have been snubbed. That's right, folks, Messi is out of the race!

I mean, who needs the best football player in the world on the list of nominees, right? It's not like he's won the award a record seven times or anything. No, no, let's give someone else a chance to win for a change. And who are the lucky three? Benzema, Ronaldo, and Haaland, of course.

Now, don't get me wrong. These are all incredibly talented players. But let's be real here, they're not exactly breaking new ground. Benzema has been around for ages, Ronaldo is well past his prime, and Haaland is still wet behind the ears. So, why not throw them a bone and give them a shot at the Golden Ball?

I mean, it's not like there are any other players out there who could possibly be more deserving, right? It's not like we could have included Lewandowski, who scored a ridiculous 41 goals in the Bundesliga last season. Or maybe we could have considered Kante, who was instrumental in Chelsea's Champions League victory. But no, let's stick with the same old, same old.

In all seriousness, though, it's a shame that Messi won't be in the running this year. He's a once-in-a-generation talent and deserves to be recognized as such. But I guess we'll just have to settle for Benzema, Ronaldo, and Haaland. Who knows, maybe one of them will surprise us and actually win the damn thing.

So, let's all sit back and watch as the drama unfolds. Will one of the three nominees take home the Golden Ball, or will Messi's absence leave a gaping hole in the football world? Only time will tell.

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