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Steven Gerrard's side Rangers goes unbeaten in the Scottish Premier League.

Stevens Gerrard is one of the best midfielders to play in the English Premier league. During his time at Liverpool football club, he was able to score a lot goals for Liverpool not forgetting his goal against AC Milan in the champions league finals in 2005.

In 2005, Gerrard helped Liverpool to qualify to the champions league Finals. At the finals Liverpool football club was down by 3-0 in the first half. Steven Gerrard helped Liverpool to get into the game by scoring brace for the club and one goal from his teammate made Liverpool to equalize 3-3. Steven Gerrard led Liverpool to lift the UEFA champions league cup on penalties.

Steven Gerrard is the new manager for Rangers and he has been one of the best managers in scotland.

According to report Steven Gerrard side Rangers has gone unbeaten in the scottish League. Steven Gerrard played 38 games, won 32 of them and drew 6. Steven Gerrard has broken the invisible record at Scotland.

Rangers fans will never forget their 55th premiership in scotland. This is one of their best performance in the scottish League.

Games:38, wins:32, points accumulated:102, Goals scored: 92 and 13 goals conceded.

Steven has set a new record with Rangers by going unbeaten in the 2020/2021 scottish League.

Congratulations to Rangers and big applauds to their young manager Steven Gerrard for such an incredible season. We hope to see him do greater works in next season.

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