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Referees in the Ghana work on a game-by-game basis and their match fee is dependent on the GFA

It is earlier said than done, considering the pedigree of our clubs in Ghana here, the level of commitment and good work-done has been the problem. But every now and then, people will be yelling for positions upon positions without thinking twice about it. The major work has been left untouched and retrogressive. Come to think of it, even the Premier League team in Ghana are now fighting to be autonomous but the Referees Association of Ghana has been redundant and sluggish to implement just a policy and have always been reliant on the Ghana Football Association.

If we need to bring the love back then the Chairman for RAG should sit up to avoid those unprofessional behavior in our league committing too many mistakes. Depending on the level, referees can earn a little or a lot for officiating a match. Amateur referees in the Ghana work on a game-by-game basis and their match fee is dependent on the local football associations. Pay is usually between GHS300 and GHS400 per game. Referees at the semi-professional level - the lower leagues of the English football pyramid - get both their match fee as well as expenses. They are paid around GHS200 per game as well as whatever mileage they have to travel to and from the match venue.

The list is for 40 Premier League referees and 40 Premier League Assistant referees. There is a list of 10 Referees and 10 Assistant Referees who will be officiating in the Division One League but will also serve as support for the Premier League when needed. These support referees, will officiate in the Premier League when any Referee drops from the list of 40 Premier League Referees due to either disciplinary, performance, ethical or medical issue. These selected referees will take charge of the 306 Premier League matches in the upcoming season.

To situate the topic in context, one will like to concentrate on the possible solution(s) to improve upon the major cause of poor officiating.

The amount of money paid to referees is just some money for toothpaste and brush. How can a man grown to have children cater for the family without having anything to boast of. Calculate this in one instance the journey from Kumasi to Brong Ahafo as a referee is not paid but has to fulfill his duty at all cost. How is he going to get this done, to borrow money from his wife or what? The only antidote is that, at the end of the day he or she will be influence with some cash or favor.

Nonetheless, if the person proves stubborn to some extent you the referee will be in danger, if luckily you can return. Remember what they did to referees Berimansu by prison ladies and referee Aziz at Nsoatereman. Not forgetting that, poor officiating was caused by many factors but according to most referees, key amongst their problems was lack of money to cater for their transport, accommodation and feeding. This led them to begging and borrowing from family and friends and mostly from football administrators or club owners. The idea to take them through integrity test is good but far from achieving its intended purpose if they cannot travel to honor the matches without funds (help). Since there are many ways of resolving this challenge, our school of thought holds the view that the following can be done to resolve it or minimize the challenge.

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