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Football Players Who Left Arsenal FC and Became World Class Players

The London base football club, Arsenal, is one of the successful English football clubs. They have been known for nurturing and producing amazing young talents in the history of football. Despite being an incredible team, most players leaves Arsenal and becomes what one will describe as "world class" players. Perhaps the conditions at the club didn't favour them; tactics, playing time etc.

There is a saying in Akan that "If there are a lot of towns, you don't stay at one place to get shamed". These players went according to this Akan proverb and left the club. Today I'm taking you through players who left Arsenal Football Club and became world class players.

Wojciech Szczesny

The Polish keeper days at Arsenal can't also be described as a successful one. During a decade he spent at the English club, he struggled to get the number spot as a goalkeeper. Infact, when he even get the chance to be in the posts, he was often criticized for his lapses. He has to be loaned before ending up in Italian giant, Juventus.

Gianlugi Buffon is another world class keeper but Szczesny has been able to keep him on the bench. He has now won three Serie A titles. Life at Juventus has been good to him. His is now enjoying the best of his football career. The future looks brighter for him.

Serge Gnabry

Every football fanatics knows that the Germain winger, Serge Gnabry, is now one of the world class players. He has become a "fearful and dangerous" winger tormenting his opponents defense in both Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League. Gnabry's days at Arsenal was unsuccessful. He couldn't get the premier league appearances he was supposed to get.

This ended him up being sold to the Germain side Werder Bremen as low as £5million and later ended up in the Bundesliga giant, Bayern Munich. Currently, his trophy cabinet looks good with Bundesliga medals. He can boast of UEFA medal whereas his former club, Arsenal, has nothing to brag about in UEFA Champions League.

Not only this, he also gets regular starts at the national team level. That's life for you. I don't think he would have got these feats if he continued to stay at Arsenal.


The English player struggled to settle in Arsenal. He was wasn't a regular player. After moving to the Merseyside, Liverpool, he has won the premier league and UEFA Champions League. Despite his injury, he has proven in matches that he can fit into Klopp's philosophy.

There has also been other Arsenal players who left the club and achieve a lot in football. The likes of Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole and the rest. But they also had a successful stay at Arsenal.

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