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Is this how men should be treated in this barbering shop?

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A lot of women are trying to take over some of the work which are mainly for men.Some of these occupations are;barbering,Carpentry Painting and the other jobs.

Recently,a video of two ladies who was seen to be barbers causes stir on the internet.

In the video,it is seen that the two ladies who call themselves barbers was trying to harass the men who go there to have their haircut.They used strategic ways to make the men feel good when they are having their haircut.

Below is the link of the video.

In my oppinion,i don't agree to what the two ladies do to the men who go there to have their haircut.The two women try to harass the men who go there to have their haircut.It is very bad for them to do this to the men.

Do you agree to my oppinion or the two ladies?share your oppinion in the comment section.

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