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S/R: Who Are The Kakulase People Of Mankuma And Gonjaland In Ghana Episode 1

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The Kakulasewura is a very important Chief not only for Mankuma but Gonjaland.

Now to undestand the topic; "Who are the Kakulase people of Mankuma and Gonjaland", one need to understand other related topics including why Gonja Kings (Yagbonwuras) are buried at Mankuma.

After years of unrests Jakpa contemplated fighting the Asantes but his men murmured owing to fatigue of war. He later defied them despite warnings against fighting the Asantes.

He crossed the Volta River towards Yeji to Kabako and encountered the Asantes. A raging battle then took place in which Jakpa was shot in the ankle and mortally wounded.

Before his death Jakpa instructed that his body be sent to Mankuma his sister's place for burial. On reaching Abrumase (meaning I am now weak and dying) he was very sick indeed. When he got to Trekpa (I have now reached my end) he died.

On reaching Gbipe now spelt Buipe (Gbi meaning heavy or weight load) the corpse was getting bad he was therefore interred there (Gbipe). Since it was Jakpa’s express wish to take his final rest at the Sister’s abode at Mankuma, it has become customary since then for all Yagbonwuras to be entombed at Mankuma, a village on the main Sawla- Bole road".

Spiritual reasons is therefore the main reason for the Royal Mausoleum's of Gonja Kings location at Mankuma.

However the direct link between the Mausoleum and Kakulase people of Mankuma is at the heart of the spiritual relationship between Ndewura Jakpa and his sister which started long before Ndewura Jakpa entered present day Ghana. It was right at the beginning before he departed on his conquest.

According to oral narrations, Ndewura Jakpa cherished his sister Jafo Sonni so much. One reason why Jakpa, according to the narration, was fond of his sister was the fact that she provided him spiritual support during the era of his conquest.

Before Ndewura Jakpa's campaign could begin he offered a sacrifice of which his sister contributed the greatest part. Ndewura Jakpa was successful and subsequently divided the Kingdom he won among his seven children represented by the seven (Paramouncies) Royal gates of the Gonja Kingdom for ascendancy to Yagbon skin.

Ndewura Jakpa was greatly indebted to his sister to the extent that he offered her half the Kingdom he had conquered (say to rule over three of the seven gates).

This suggests that they had equal partnership in the venture that was the conquest by Ndewura Jakpa. She declined his offer in exchange for a special position in Gonjaland above all other Chiefs under Ndewura Jakpa.

This deal set the relationship between her descendants and all Yabongwuras who are of Ndewura Jakpa.

The sister declined on the basis that as a woman she could not rule over men. Instead she asked for the most special place in Ndewura Jakpa's entire Kingdom of Gonja as a lasting reminder of the great sacrifice she made as her investment (shares) in the enterprise to form the Gonja Kingdom.

As the true honorable Warrior King he was, Ndewura Jakpa asked his sister to name her price so that all assembled will know and uphold his promise in perpetuity as long as Gonja Kingdom survives.

I have asked to know the very special thing that Ndewura Jakpa's sister contributed to ensure success of the campaign. I was told every state has state secrets that must be kept.

With the above preamble it will be easy to comprehend the topic; "Who are the Kakulase people of Mankuma an Gonja".

The Kakulase Clan or people of Mankuma are direct nephews of Ndewura Jakpa. I was told Ndewura Jakpa on reaching Bole was told of a certain powerful Fetish or Shrine Priest who must be overpowered at Mankuma before he could settle down.

Consequently he marched on Mankuma. Ndewura Jakpa's Moslem spiritual leader had a show down with the Indigenous Mankuma spiritualists (Nlusoh) with no side winning.

The net result was that before Ndewura Jakpa moved on to other areas of Gonjaland, he put his sister's clan in charge of Mankuma so that the Indigenous people will to continue to confide to them their secrets- “Kakula-se” which means “in secret or in whispers".

The nephew was subsequently given Kakulasewura (meaning an eavesdropper to tap information from the Fetish Priest for Jakpa).

Mankuma was also to become the spiritual base of Ndewura Jakpa hence entrusting the town to his sister’s son.

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