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Angry coach slaps his 23 man squad for playing rubbish.

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It is our priority to provide you with the best news in sport, politics, education, health, jokes , trending news and many more. Today's article is an interesting one. The topic is about how a professional coach abusing his players for not giving their all in a football match. His team was losing in the first, thus, the coach can't hide his anger as he released it on his players for failure to deliver on the pitch. There is a saying that ' anger doesn't solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

The nefarious act from the coach doesn't lift the team spirit but rather limit the team spirit. The incident which took place in the dressing room left the players stunned. The players couldn't fight because that would've been the end of their football career.

Imagine doing this to Mario Balotelli. I bet you ,its going to be bloody. This act demonstrated by the coach is against the football organising body. Its a high team FIFA must step in and protect players and officials. Recently a referee was beaten in Ghana simply because the home team lost the game.

All these destroy the beautiful game. It is high time players shouldn't take abuse in any form. What is your view on this? Did the coach do the right thing or he overreacted. Remember your comments plays a significant role to know where your interest lies. Kindly share with others too. Stay bless.

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