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Celebrating Ghana's Month, 9 Best Places to Visit in Ghana.

Ghana is proof that amazing things comes in small packages considered to one of Africa's true success stones, this counrty is enjoying a stable democracy and incredible development. The combination creates a joyful energy across the country.

With Ghana you get beautiful hinter land, sunny beaches, rich culture, lovely cities welcoming locals, tons of wildlife and easy access to all parts of the country. There's a big difference between northern and southern Ghana including different religion, geography and culture.

But you'll still feel like the country is one harmonious unit. If you've never been to Africa, Ghana is known as Africa for beginners; making it a perfect destination for those who won't to get their feet wet.

1. Accra

At just over two million inhabitants Accra is the largest city in Ghana. This capital city is full of character and radiates friendliness. Whether you're there as a solo traveller or with a family, on your big annual holiday or there for businesses, Accra has something to make you feel comfortable.

What tourists really love are the many beaches surrounding the city particularly Labadi beach. Accra is home to the National Museum where you'll find many of the countries historical treasures. You can also visit the National Theatre, International Trade Fair, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, Independence Square and others.

At every turn you'll find markets, incredible food, wonderful music, and lots of traffic!

2. Artists Alliance Galllery

This gallery will blow you away with its contemporary and fine art collections. Created by respected Ghanaian artist, Ablade Glover, the three story gallery is a treasure chest of Kente cloth, furniture, Asafo flags, masks, and unique metal sculptures.

You can see almost every prominent Ghanaian artist represented and most of the pieces are for sale.

3. Labadi Beach

Arguably Accra's most popular beach, Labadi is the perfect city beach. Great food and cocktails are available, as well as local entertainments and people watching. The beach itself is maintained by the surrounding hotels so be forewarned that there is a small entrance fee for those not staying there.

If you happen to be there on the weekend you'll for sure catch some native drumming, local reggae bands, and plenty if spots for dancing to hiplife, unique music style that blends hiphop with Ghanaian culture.

4. Jamestown

Jamestown is a tough but moving neighborhood of Accra. There's a ton of history to discover as both the British and the Portuguese left behind a cultural and architectural legacy. The Jamestown community is close knut and the atmosphere is lively. There aren't many markers to explain the context of the history that you're seeing, so a guide is a welcome addition, certainly not necessary.

The neighborhood is a cross between rural and urban and is famous for turning out incredible national boxers.

5. Kakum National Park

A visit to Kakum National Park makes a great day trip from capecoast. There you'll find 40 mammal species, 300 bird species, and over 600 butterfly species. The most popular part of the park is the country walk.

It's a string of viewing platforms that are linked by safe and bouncy suspension bridges roughly 30 meters above the park floor. For a deeper look into the park, make arrangement ahead of time for park ranger or guide to take you further in.

6. National Museum of Ghana.

History buffs will love the National Museum of Ghana. There are a number of exhibits dedicated to the Atlantic slave-trade and the African lives that where irreparably changed because of it.

If you're looking for a good explanation of the ethnographic diversity of modern-day Ghana, this is the place to go. Get insights into the past and present people, see traditional household and objects art, the royal Ashanti tools and learn how to weave Kente Cloth.

7. Busua Beach

Perhaps the most chill beach in Ghana is Busua. It's a magnet for the backpacker and volunteer crowds who love to come to unwind on the beach for a few days at a time. Roughly 30k from the city of Takoradi and situated right between Dixcove and Butre, the village of Busua has potential for great excursions, making it an ideal basecamp.

Many beaches in Ghana have a strong surf, making swimming a little precarious, but Busua waters are as relaxed as its vibe. Because it's primarily a tourists town, you'll find great hotels and restaurants, shopping and renting surfboards and bicycles.

8. Akwidaa and Cape Three Points

For discerning beach combers, Ghana offers Akwidaa with a long and pritine white sand beach, you'll find it's one of the best that the country has to offer. Explore the nearby cocoa plantations and forests and get a night time guided tour of the turtle nesting spots along the beach. If you like, you can take a canoe ride to capethree points, the southernmost tip of Ghana.

There's a great bar scene, good food, and plenty of local attractions to provide a good combination of lazing about and seeing new things.

9.Lake Bosumtwe

Just 32km from Kumasi Lake Bosuntwe. This crater lake is almost 90meters deep and created when a large meteorite collided with Earth.

The lake is surrounded by fantastic trails flr hiking, biking and horseback riding. In addition, you'll find that many locals visits here as the Lake is a sacred sight for the Ashanti people.

Folklore holds that the people's spirits come to Lake Bosumtwe after death. In order to say goodbye to the god Twi. If you're looking for a relaxed place for water spots, this is an excellent weekend destination.

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