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Can Puma sue over fake Ghana replica jerseys?

It takes a lot of hard work to brainstorm and come up with a product of great magnitude to showcase to the world especially on the sporting front where competition for recognition is of utmost importance.

The case of sports manufacturing giants Puma, comes to play here with respect to their contract with the Ghana Football Association (GFA), for the supply of jerseys and other items to the Ghana national teams.

Puma, has indeed, played their part in providing Team Ghana with the necessary apparel for the Black Stars as they compete at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qater.

Part of the agreement with the GFA, is also for Puma to make available replica jerseys for sale to the public with the profit to be generated, shared between the two (GFA and Puma).

Currently on sale on the Ghanaian market are fake designs of the Puma Ghana replica jerseys as companies and individuals seek to take advantage of the ongoing World Cup to reap in profit.

These replicas most certainly have been brought unto the Ghanaian market illegally by persons whose only interest is to reap in profit at the expense of Puma whose are the rightful owners of their brand and who legally, have the sole right to sale to the public through their platform.

Puma is not being treated fairly in this regard, and can take action to settle matters in their favour, but will they?

Can Puma sue to safeguard their interests?

Who are those involved in this illegal trade and where have they got the powers from?

Is the GFA involved in this fake business and are they aware of this illegality?

It will be in the best interest of all for the GFA to come out with a statement to take a stand on this.

Unfortunately, some renowned companies in the country, are buying these fake Ghana replica jerseys for their staff in support of the Black Stars as they compete at the Mundial.

The question is, how will they handle such a situation if their products are being pirated and sold cheaply on the market?

They will surely not be happy about such a situation, why will they therefore buy fake for their staff?

Puma, must take action, and, the moment is now in the best interest of all.

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