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Five times Cristiano Ronaldo could not hide his anger

It's normal to feel frustrated when playing a game. If a player loses a scoring opportunity or gets into a fight with another player, he will become enraged.

Have you ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo get enraged on the field? Many of you might have noticed him irritated following the game.

Ronaldo's anger is beneficial to him because he still comes back stronger after a poor performance. His desire to win a game reaches new heights. He hates it when he loses a game.

So here are Cristiano Ronaldo's five rage outbursts:

1. Ronaldo's goal robbery

Ronaldo was on the verge of scoring one of his best goals in his career when he was robbed. Unfortunately, it was stolen by Nani, which enraged Ronaldo to the point that he began battling with his own teammate.

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2. Giving up a goal against Barcelona

In the 2017 El Clasico, Leo Messi scored the game-winning goal. This enraged Ronaldo, who blamed his teammates and sobbed profusely after the game.

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3. Ronaldo's first ever red card in the UEFA Champions League

Ronaldo received his first ever red card in the UEFA Champions League in 2019. He received a red card for a non-intentional foul during a match against Juventus. He wept a lot. Juve's players had to intervene to save him from weeping.

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4. Angry on the reporter

When a reporter asked about his plans for the next Euro match against Hungary, Ronaldo threw the reporter's microphone into the water.

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5. Guardiola's attempt

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona's former boss, attempted to squander a few crucial seconds of the game against Real Madrid. Pep was moved by Ronaldo's right side.

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