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Meet Zion the man who wrestle with no legs

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Hello guys, Today I am about to bring you to the man who wrestle with no legs.

Zion Clark is 22 years old and he was born without legs due to a genetic disorder revealed how the support of his foster family allowed him to entre the world of pro wrestling.He come from ohio,he was born with caudal regression syndrome and it is a serious disorder which impairs the development of the lower spine.He explained that he grew up in foster care and was often mocked by bullies for having no legs. But his foster mother kimberlil, who eventually adopted him,was always by his side to cheer him on.I thank my mom kimberlil for her dedication and support. Zion is now close to becoming of the world's most successful pro freestyle wrestlers. Zion said: I started wrestling in second grade. When I was really little, the first few matches,I didn't know what to do and neither did my opponent.And some kids were scared to wrestle me-i was scared to wrestle them. I didn't know what I was doing.After all his hustle he still didn't give up on his as a person person you should not give up in life.please do comment share and like.

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Zion Zion Clark


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