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Keep Your Composure; You Can Become The Next Usain Bolt - Ghanaians To Benjamin Azamati

Usain Bolt before he became the world fastest 100m runner with 9.58 seconds was also obtaining 9.92 seconds. Most Ghanaians a delighted that for a very long time, they have got a man who is likely to follow the foot steps of Usain Bolt. Leonard Myles-Mills set the first record of 9.98 seconds in 1998 becoming the first Ghanaian to break the 10-second barrier.

Now that record is broken today, 27th March, 2021, by the 23-year-old Benjamin Azamati from Akim Oda in the Eastern Region part of Ghana. When Usain Bolt first run his first World Record (WR), he expressed surprise at it 'coming earlier than expected". Interesting, Benjamin Azamati with an interview with Joy Sports hours after running 9.97 seconds said that he also didn't expect to break Ghana's 100m record this early in his career.

This new record has propel many Ghanaians to react with optimism for the young Sport man. They encourage him that, all he needs to do is to main his composure and keeps on training hard. Some said that, if he is able discipline himself, they have no doubt that, he could be the next Usain Bolt for Ghana.

A Facebook user known as Darnell Moses said that, "I hope the government gives him all the support he needs to complete and win medals for the nation". Some Ghanaians are of the view that, government over the years has not been supportive enough that is why new talents will be discovered but their career dies some few years after.

Another Facebook user known as Nhyiraba Prince reacted that, "Good for Ghana. Sport leadership in Ghana must invest in him".

Nicholas Baiden also added that, "I strongly believe that he can get to the height of Usain Bolt if he maintains his composure". What do you think sport Ministry and government should do to help Benjamin Azamati obtain the height we all want him to get?

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