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[PHOTOS]: Check out these shoes made from human skin leather.


How many times have you had an encounter with something extraordinary which caught your attention?

 A shore inventor has caught the eyes of many with a non-stop sighting shoes. The introduction of these shoes has broke a debate on the various social media platforms.


 Fecal Matter, a company established by the couple Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran who are known for their bizarre, otherworldly Instagram aesthetics, created their most ambitious project to date, a pair of boots designed to look like human legs and feet.

 The fashion duo are known known for their outlandish and otherworldly visuals of aliens on the streets. 

One of their most controversial looks was a digitally altered pair of foot-like shoes that were featured on Instagram sometime ago. In reality, the heels were prosthetics that were asthenic but it is very convalescent.

The shoes are a physical incarnation of what Fecal Matter believes humans might look like as a result of social media ideals and body modification. Meanwhile their anticipations have been materialized as many are ordering for the shoes.

Before you dream of finally being able to walk barefoot in public without dirtying your soles, you might want to consider that a pair of these "Skin Heels" is the best choice for you, but what would people be thinking seeing you in these.

They produced a human skin boot. The boots were made using silicon that was shaped and molded to match Dalton’s leg, the report said. The four trials executed to perfect the footwear ensured that the hue, dents, moles, arch of the foot and body hair are all exact copies of Daltons’.

The couple worked with artist Sarah Sitkin in creating the human skin boots which sold at a blink of the eye.

The shoe, upon first sight, could be mistaken for human feet, except for the coloured lace stitched in front. Like normal footwear, it also came in different sizes, colours and shoe packaging.


 These controversial foot wears are very expensive to buy as it ranges between$40.00 and above. There are several discounts though but the pricing are on high.

Below are some of the human skin leather foot-wares from Fecal Matter.

You might want to purchase one for a love one on her special occasion.

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