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Want To Be Fit Like Ronaldo?, Here's How.

Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro popularly know as CR7, is a well known professional footballer who hails from Funchal, Madeira in Portugal. He plays for Manchester United FC in the English Premier League.

He's globally known for his tremendous skills and goal scoring prowess on the field of play. He has scored 790 goals in 1081 matches for clubs and country so far.

Ronaldo is loved by many for various reasons but one reason that stands out is his incredible physique. Men and women, old and young admire his robust and attractive physique including fellow footballers. Many wonder how he's able to keep such a very fit body at the age of 36. His secrets are very simple but yet extensive and a little bit difficult. It requires a lot of dedication. Let's delve into the famous CR7's lifestyle. 

1. Diet Check

Most people don't normally check what's in their diets. The fitness and well-being of a footballer largely depends on the kind of food he/she consumes. Ronaldo mainly eats cereals, fruits, salads, fish and chicken breast. These foods provide lot of carbohydrates, proteins and essential vitamins to boost the immune system and also make the body strong. For breakfast, Ronaldo specifically eats a lot of fruits, fat free yogurt, avocado toast and cheese and ham which are light and very nutritious. He doesn't include red meat and frozen foods in his diets.

2. Eating intervals

Cristiano Ronaldo eats every 3-4 hours or six times a day and only eats small portions of meals. This is to provide energy for the body without making it bulky. If you want more energy from your meals without you feeling heavy, try stepping out of the 3-square meal stereotype -which makes you eat a lot at a particular time- and start eating in bits just like CR7.

3. Staying Hydrated

As much as the food you eat are important, the liquids that get into your body are equally important. Staying hydrated is very important in keeping fit and maintaining a balanced body. With this in mind, Ronaldo only drinks water, I mean a lot of water. Drinks like soda and other sweetened soft drinks are excluded from his diet since they have high amount of chemicals and sugar which is not good for his body. He further asserted his stand on drinks during the Euro 2020 tournament where he took off Coca Cola drinks that were placed in front of him during an interview and replaced them with bottles of mineral water. This shows how highly he values water over soft drinks.

4. Extra training

Finally and most importantly, Ronaldo trains hours a day, a fact most teammates and coaches attest to. He spends hours in the gym and trains extra hours after team training. 

This is a very important part of the whole process of you really want to imitate the G.O.A.T Ronaldo.

This is the daily schedule of Ronaldo responsible for his great physique at his age. Its a perfect way to start if you are a young footballer aspiring to be like Ronaldo. Don't forget to like and comment below.

Content created and supplied by: Sidiqul_Akbar (via Opera News )

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