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Do you remember what we used to do in the early 1990s? A throw back on what we used to do in those.

Every society without history, has no sense of direction and destination. Before technology took over our society, we used to play games like high jump, 'oware', draft, 'ampe', 'bo mmframa', and so on.

These games were commonly found in our small towns and villages. These games have so many benefits for those who participate. They helped the children to develop strength, team work, it also helps to improve on the health of the individual and so on.

Which of the things do you remember? What of the video cassette tapes we were using?

When we are playing football, do you remember how we measured the goal post we use?

Do remember the thread our mothers used to plait their hair?

I remember at night some of the games we play, that helps us to run fast and also helps to improve our health. What were you using to iron your shirts and shorts?

All these and more, have been taken away by the modern technology invasion. Everyone is now on Social Media, including myself. I remember those days that we wore this sandals to school and party. Do you remember some of the mashroom soups we used to enjoy and also roasting of corn?

How amazing were we playing being pushed on the boll race, do you also remember lantern?

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