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Meet 3 Ghanaians Whose Names Are In The Guinness Book Of Record

The Guinness Book of Record contains the names of people who participated in events or did certain things that amazed people. Their names are written in the book to honour them and let their stories be told to other generations.

We should always advise the young ones to explore their talents because they can never tell who is looking at them. The Ghanaians I will be listing below had their names written in the Guinness Book Of Record.

Meet the 3 Ghanaians whose names were written in the Guinness World Record:


Ferdie is a Ghanaian athlete who never relented in his hard work, till he got recognized. He was featured in the Guinness Book Of Record because ran a 100 meters race and finished in 13.6 seconds. This happened in Massachusetts, USA, at Smith College.


The duo broke the record of having the fastest time to walk over 10 obstacles, while standing on one foot and carrying a person on the head. This event took place in Milan, Italy, and they were able to do this in 21.83 seconds, while in balance.



Dickson Oppong, is fondly called Waterman after he broke the record of spraying water from his mouth under 32.65 seconds without being interrupted.

Despite having these great men in the book, Ghana also made it to the Guinness World Record for having the longest dinner table in an event sponsored by ONGA food seasoning. The occasion was held at the Independence Square in Accra, where the table was able to contain 3,000 guests.

Hopefully there are greater heights for Ghanaians to achieve, and it will be possible if the youths don't relent in their good works. Ghana will always be recognized for her numerous talents and productive citizens.

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