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It's all your fault. Ghanaians descend heavily on Asamoah Gyan for commenting on Erikson's collapse.

Forgive and Forget, walks hand in hand, forgiving without forgetting is not forgiveness, neither is forgetting without forgiving is forgiveness.

When the two are in place, then forgiveness is complete. It applies to all and sundry by the way, since we all faulty in one way or they other.

But, it hasn't been so between some Ghanaians and the Legendary Asamoah Gyan.

His crime was not to score a penalty between Ghana and Uruguay, by which way, Ghana would have qualified to the Semi-final of the world cup.

Gyan was heavily critizised for his inability to score the penalty. Well, that happened almost a decade ago but still some Ghanaians haven't forgiven him despite he apologizing for his actions.

He has been forgiven, but has not been forgotten some will say.

Every now and then when he makes a post on his social media handle, he is being dragged for what he termed as an unfortunate situation himself.

Even in his recent post, which was meant to show support and strength to Christian Dannemann Eriksen, after he collapsed on the pitch during a game between Denmark and Finland in the EURO2020 competition, some Ghanaians found space and opportunity to blame Gyan for what has happened, an incident which has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with him - as you can see from the screenshot below.

In our opinion this treatment metted out to Asamoah for being human has gotten out of hand. Its unfair, childish and unnecessary in whole.

Allow him some space - forgiveness is forgetting. Forgetting is forgiveness.

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