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Is Chelsea's interested in Boubacar Kamara from Marseille

The latest young prodigy for the European giants to keep an eye on is the 21-year old, Boubacar Kamara. As revealed by Simon in his own article previously, Kamara has been closely followed by Chelsea scouts for a good few years now and they have had various discussions with Marseille over potentially signing him.

Chelsea have increased their interest in this player more recently, primarily due to the fact Chelsea are considering him as a potential centre back option, as well as a defensive midfielder, which is a much warranted position to fill for Chelsea.

When you combine this with the recent troubles Marseille are having behind the scenes, a deal could be forthcoming. Also, Kamara has said before his desire is to play in the Champions League as soon and frequently as possible.

An interesting option indeed for Chelsea. A lot will depend on Thomas Tuchel’s views of the player, when discussions on Chelsea’s summer transfer policy begin at the end of February/March time. Interest is there, nevertheless, Chelsea have scouted many options. 

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