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Accra will become the cleanest city in Africa with this method

Cleanliness they say leads to godliness. Making our environment clean assure us with good health.

Ghana is blessed with several big and industrious cities which Accra is the capital. Accra which is expected to be the cleanest city in Accra is way far back to achieve this fate. However this article is going to suggest a perfect way to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa and even beyond.

There should be the provision of big dust bins or waste bins in every hundred meters. Then we enforce the citizens in the capital to put all their waste bins in these bins. This will prevent the throwing of waste into the various gutters. 

Also there should be the provision of toilet facilities in every 400 meters distance. This will reduce the defication of toilet in various gutters and sea sides. The cost for these services needs to be free.

3. All gutters needs to cleaned and covered. Most of the gutters in Ghana are not covered and its is wide open. This put more dust in the gutters and eventually brings about a choke.

These methods will eventually make Accra the cleanest city in Africa. It will also create employment for those who will be emptying the dust bins and taking care of the toilet facilities.

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