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Why A Football Fan Should Be Respected And Not Tempered With

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A complete football club is made up of several role players such as the president/CEO, technical director, manager/coach, scouter, medics, players, and lastly the fan base.

But from the above mentioned role players, the most important and loyal ones are the fans with all due respect as they are permanent, loyal and patriotic yet receives nothing as salaries.

The president/CEO is also an important body of a club who runs the affairs of the club but this body comes and go hence, they are not permanent unlike the fan base.

The technical director, manager/coach, scouter, medical team, and players are all important in one way or the other to the club but all these people comes and go hence, are not permanent unlike the fans who are permanent and loyal.

But the strange aspect is that, all the role players with the exception of the fans in a football club receives salaries yet with the their temporal stay and commitment to the club whilst the fans who are permanent, patriotic and most loyal are not being paid for their efforts yet, they rather contribute to the successful payments of the other role players, such as paying dues to their club to help solve monetary problems.

With the above information about the importance of a fan, one has to show a football fan the ultimate respect he/she deserves and never temper with their wrath when they are trying to bring the best at of you as a player, coach, CEO, scouter or the technical director. Thank you.

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