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[Video] Black Sheriff Is A Hero: Watch Moment Players Of FC Clermont Jammed To His Song

People have different ways of going viral nowadays. It could be through their music, acting or anything at all since social media platforms are always accessible.

Black Sherriff is one of the youngest fast rising musicians in Ghana who has really gained a lot of fame. Following his popular and hit song "Second Sermon", Kwaku Frimpong has really gone viral. One fascinating this is that, his song is not only loved and jammed to by people in Ghana but even people outside Ghana.

"Second Sermon" has made Black Sherriff gone to the international level. Great news coming in and video making rounds on social media platforms suggests how Black Sherriff's "Second Sermon" is being jammed to by players of FC Clermont, French association football club.

The rate and level at which the players were happily singing and dancing alongside to the song could just warm your heart. Even though most of these players are not Ghanaians, yet they could see the song just like any Ghanaian who knows the words of the song very well can do.

Since the video hit social media platforms, it has hence gone even more viral.

Here is the link you can click on to watch the video;

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