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Top Two(2) Brutal Fouls in Football History

There are a lot of rules and regulations governing the football. When any of these rules is violated, it calls for a foul. Serious foul calls for card which can be yellow or red.

In today's article, let us find out the top two worst and brutal fouls in football history.

2. Axel Witsel is number on our list. He is part of the list of worst fouls ever made. Witsel crushed with a defender by stepping on the lower leg with full weight. This caused a break in the opponent's leg. It was very worrying and sad.

1. Number one on the list.

Wayne Rooney caused a brutal foul on an opponent. His team got eliminated in a play off after he was sent off. Rooney stomped the opponent's thighs and in between them. This was very worrying and no one expected him to do that. This is worse of the list for now.

More will drop soon in our next article.

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