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FT, Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid: best LIVE reactions from Real Madrid fans

All the features, hot suppositions and important details during a game in one application? We have you covered. Upgrade your match insight by additionally following our top to bottom online factual inclusion of the present game. 

86-90' Kubo almost executes Real Madrid yet Courtois spares. What's more, that is it for now, people! Los Blancos neglect to beat Villarreal away from home. 

76-85' Real Madrid attempt to recover control yet to no end. Villarreal look more perilous. 

LewsTherin177, Reddit: "This sincerely seems as though a draw or misfortune except if we sort out some arbitrary snapshot of wizardry from somebody. This subsequent half has been basically crap." 

Tegridy, Managing Madrid: "Considering the conditions I wouldn't grumble in the event that we settle for a draw." 

66-75' Chances begin coming for Villarreal. Genuine Madrid may be looking somewhat drained. The game is so calm. And out of nowhere Courtois fouls Chukwueze in the crate. A pen for the Yellow Submarine. What's more, Gerard Moreno adjusts. 

zL21, Managing Madrid: "Subs are fine. We need Ode and Eden out on the grounds that they haven't been playing a lot. Sadly, the crew currently is excessively slender. Modric and Kroos need rest as well." 

Guitardude44, Reddit: "Uplifting news is we may really begin playing again in the event that they score." 

56-65' Villarreal almost balance. Luckily, Gerard neglects to exploit an awful mix-up from the backline. Furthermore, wouldn't fret Luka Modric doing what Luka Modric does! Somewhere else, Vinicius replaces Hazard while Isco replaces Odegaard. 

HerakIinos, Reddit: "Man, if the adversary is forcing you inside your own container simply shoot the damn ball. What number of objectives like that we should surrender to quit doing that?" 

Adimartha, Reddit: "Madrid consistently attempt to assault from wings, however consistently return the ball back to the protector and reset once more, on the off chance that you need to play from the wing, at that point in any event cross the goddam ball to the case. There is no system here, simply luck out." 

46-55' A pretty quiet start of the subsequent half. Odegaard and Mariano join for a fair possibility yet the last was probably offside. 

Fgehjss, Reddit: "Pau Torres looks fine. He generally does. Additionally did with Spain. For what reason would he say he isn't in our waitlist to supplant Ramos? Just 23 also, Spanish, knows the group and costs significantly less than Upamecano or Koulibaly who I both don't rate a lot higher." 

Mikel1993, Managing Madrid: "We began truly well shockingly with our first possibility end up with an objective. Unfortunately, it failed from that point onward, while Villareal gradually getting this show on the road with the ball, need to score another on the second half and kill their certainty, Vamos!" 

41-45' That's it for the main half. Genuine Madrid took an early lead over Villarreal and worked admirably securing it. 

31-40' Mariano is looking sharp as he is continually attempting to offer himself nearly the offside line. He previously scored one and might get more in the event that he keeps it up. 

Lost Blanco, Managing Madrid: "Trusting Mariano scores in any event a support, so RM and particularly Zidane can get over Benz." 

Tetriscannoli, Reddit: "Mariano truly realizes what's in question when he at last will play with all the sicknesses... Likewise, this match helps me to remember the amount we missed, the amount I've missed, and what made me love CARVAJAL." 

daki_isxo, Reddit: "I don't see how Mariano didn't leave...he would be a starter in so numerous great groups he doesn't have the right to squander his energy on the seat." 

21-30' Not much is occurring at the present time. Villarreal control the ball yet they can't exploit it. Los Blancos are absolutely fine with that movement of the game. 

macs182, Reddit: "The whole group is indicating a ton of certainty with the ball. Not a ton of crosses so far which I'm enjoying." 

11-20' Villarreal are consistently assuming control over belonging. Notwithstanding, Real Madrid are focused in guard and don't permit the hosts to make any risk. 

m_baraza, Managing Madrid: "Significant that Villarreal are anticipating that we should squeeze high and it's absolutely not the case up until now." 

AhmoqQurbaqa, Reddit: "We don't appear to mind to let Villarreal appreciate a few spells of ownership with us rebuffing them in counter-assaults. Particularly with the early objective, it is defended. With Mendy on the LB, I feel substantially less apprehensive." 

1-10' Real Madrid start to lead the pack as Mariano scores with a splendid header after an incredible cross from Carvajal. The official takes as much time as necessary yet the objective remains! 1-0 

professor_rob, Reddit: "We truly need the success. We can't blame the wounds. Shakhtar beat us at home with a way more exhausted crew. Truly an ideal opportunity for a portion of the major parts in our crew to lift their game and show what they can accomplish for us. Hala Madrid!" 

JKJ2006, Managing Madrid: "Villarreal having the flavor of a similar medication we had. Simply keep playing as opposed to crying."

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