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Now I can sleep and rest in my comfort zone since my honourable supporters are happy with the team

Everything is going the way of Hearts of Oak. In two folds since they won against the Fabulous team this season in their second encounter. Hearts of Oak’s win serves as a stepping stone to grab the ultimate league title.

Congratulation to all the Phobians that made their way to the Accra Sports Stadium. The land already heated the triumph and victory coming before the match, when the song started from the fans earlier in the morning.

I got to know that, the bones are truly alive, we never say die until the bones are rotten. The best way to deal with the situation is how they managed to put things in place and push for the right things to be done.

Hearts of Oak is the best team as far as the league is concerned and straightforward, they are going to represent the nation in Africa. It is taughtful in the minds of the players to keep their names in the records of the Phobians.

“All my playing mates will be happy to see these team bringing back the lost memories. Hearts of Oak will do all the possible means to get in the CAF Championship and make a good name for themselves” Amankwah Mireku on Phobia news.

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