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If The First Thing You Do In The Morning Is To Grab Your Phone, Then This Is For You

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Do you look at your phone every morning? Do you spend 15 minutes browsing social media before stepping out of bed? This brief habit is causing much more damage than you think.

Your first morning activity sets the tone for the rest of your day, those initial thought will stick in your brain for hours after. So it is very important to do things that motivate and energize you.

So if you start your morning by looking at social media, then you are damaging your day in a few different ways.

1.      You are taking out precious time which you will need for your morning routine

2.      You are flooding your brain with harmful expectations and bad habits

3.      You are giving yourself an excuse to stay in bed which we know makes you drowsier

Luckily there is an easy trick to avoid these bad habits, simply put your phone on the other side of the room each night. In that way you would have to get out of bed in other to grab your phone, when you stand up and turn on the light you will find yourself less tempted to browse the internet or check the social media.

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