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If Your Phone Battery Is Draining Fast, Do This To Increase Standby Time

Phones are usually programmed to work exactly as directed. One of the main reasons your phone drains battery so quickly is that you are the one who allowed it to happen. Standby time is always determined by how you set up or use your phone.

Most smartphones are always equipped with high-voltage batteries that are supposed to last a long time. There are a few practices that can really help you keep your phone around and ensure it will last a long time.

Suggestions for daily use:

Turn down the volume on the media.

Use the internet in a location with a good signal.

Go to the Recent Tasks screen and clean unnecessary background apps regularly.

Reboot your phone once a week to remove accumulated junk files created by background apps.

Update your phone to the latest system version. The newer version optimizes power consumption and system stability better.

The following settings can also help you save energy:

Use Optimize Battery Usage.

Go to Settings and go to Battery > Optimize system battery usage to detect features that use a lot of power. You can then decide if you want to optimize.

Check battery consumption.

Go to Settings and find and open Battery Usage. If you see in the software list that some apps are using a lot of power, you can enable power consumption warnings and change settings when apps start reducing power consumption.

If some apps are not used frequently but consume a lot of power, uninstall them to avoid excessive power consumption.

Adjust screen settings. Go to Settings and find and enter your screen resolution. Touch the screen resolution and enable Smart Resolution. Another option is to disable Smart Resolution and choose a lower resolution under Custom.

Enable Power Saving Mode - Go to Settings and find and enter Power Saving Mode. Activate power saving mode or ultra power saving mode to extend standby time.

Adjust network connection settings.

Go to Settings, find and access Stay Connected While Your Device Sleeps, then turn it off to prevent your phone from consuming excess power while in sleep mode. Settings, find and open Data Storage or Smart Data Storage and turn on the switch to restrict background apps from using mobile data. It reduces data consumption and energy consumption.

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