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Three (3) Texting Secrets Men Find It Difficult To Resist

Hi, thanks for visiting this platform once again. Do well to follow Honey for more juicy content. Now, let's talk about texting for a moment. Some people say, well, I'm not the type of person that texts. I just don't like texting. Well, if that's the case, then you're the weird one because everybody is texting.

It needs to be got over. Texting is one of those things that can be very interesting. If you never text and you're the person that only wants to be on the phone, then you miss vital opportunities to flirt and connect and have fun. For example, you might send a text that says you looked cute today that you wouldn't want to make a phone call for for such a compliment.

You wouldn't want to call someone up and go you looked cute today. Alright, bye. Weird. But with texting, you can send that text to just for fun. On the other extreme, of course you have the person that texts 20 times a day and never calls. Such a life is really cool I must say.

Have you ever been on a date, for example, and found that having texted throughout and thought you got close, you suddenly realize it's really awkward because you've never actually had a proper conversation with that person?

Such are the dangers of texting. There are three things that I want to give you today. The first one, give value in your text messages when you say hey. What are you up to? Hey. It both shows that you're bored and boring at the same time.

When you say, hey, what are you up to? It's the equivalent of you saying please entertain me because I couldn't be bothered to think of anything interesting to send you. You entertain me. So what are some interesting things you can do by text? Well, one of them is sending a picture message.

Pictures are great because you send a picture that reminds you of someone or in some way triggers a joke that you've both had, or a memory. You send it to them with a little funny caption.

It's relevant, I got a text message recently in the last couple of days that was a picture of a house and outside there was a sign that said "come have a drink" on the post box, which was fun.

Don't text something which might raised an argument. Just keep to your lane since doing that may break the bond you have with that person.

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