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How To Make Money On Youtube

Social networking and social media have changed the Internet almost as much as the Internet has changed us.Big Thanks to YouTube and other social media sites like Facebook,Instagram and Twitter, each one of us can take center stage and present our views of life and sentiments to a worldwide audience. . For the very first time, every Tom,Dick and Harry can have access to the same broad audience once reserved for major television stations and their wealthy advertisers.We all can also promote our businesses to a preferred target audience right on our phones and other gadgets .

It isn’t often that we get to witness a life-changing invention.No wonder the so called "Indomie" generation are always teased by the "black and white television(TV)" generation.Well,but wait, did people really gather in one house in the neighborhood just to watch "Journey to the West"? , the following generations have been extraordinarily fortunate i must confess. Not only did we see the arrival of the Internet and all that came with it—e-mail, instant messaging, online shopping, online banking, global positioning systems, just to name a few—but we’ve also seen the arrival of Web 2.0 technologies

If you have able to read up to this stage then I guess you have been waiting for the big question “Can you make money with YouTube?” The answer to that question is . . . YES. YOU CAN.In this article I’m going to show you two ways to get your YouTube channel monetized and how to to make money with YouTube.


To start with ,there are certain protocols you need to follow in other for you to get your YouTube channel monetized.In other words,there are two requirements you need to fulfill before your YouTube channel will be monetized.When your channel is finally monetized ,then you start to gain money from any video or content you upload on YouTube. Sounds pretty right?..So what are these requirements

1)   1000 Subscribers

2)   4000 Watch Hours

Those who are already accustomed with YouTube can attest to how daunting it is to  even get your first 100 subscribers.YES, it is not an easy task but you can try the second method if you are really poised to make  money and get rich .


To make real money on YouTube, you simply have to be part of its Partner Program.This can be possible after you get your channel monetized. The details about how you qualify and what you can expect to earn are shrouded in secrecy. Apparently, becoming a partner isn’t easy, but if your videos attract a lot of views, and you have lots of subscribers, you may be surprised at how quickly YouTube contacts you.

Google AdSense for Video

As YouTube’s parent, Google should have figured out a way to incorporate its AdSense program into its video-sharing site. AdSense is the advertising program that turned Google from a simple search engine to a money machine. Through AdSense, Web site owners can have Google select ads based on the site’s content, and then place those ads right on their sites. They do nothing except sign up for the program and collect checks, as people click on the ads. “We have had amazing success with YouTube, wrapping some video eye candy into our branding,” says Patric Douglas of Shark Diver. “Thus far, 108 million views and counting: that translates into $90,000 in Google AdSense clicks.” There are two types of ads available through Google’s AdSense for Video program: InVideo and text overlays. The InVideo ad program places relevant ads in the form of companion videos (actual embedded video ads) along the bottom 20 percent of the viewing screen. One ad appears per viewing, and the viewer can choose whether it is run at its full size or it collapses by clicking the “x” in the corner. Either way, the ad minimizes automatically after a few seconds. Text overlay ads are drawn from Google’s advertiser network and are another way for you to earn money from advertising Google places on your viewing area.

Instead of placing videos, however, this program places those familiar Google text ads along that same part of the viewing screen. The words “Ads by Google” also appear. Ten separate text ads appear along the bottom of the screen and run for 20 seconds each while the video is playing. As with the video ads, viewers can choose whether or not to see the ads, again by clicking on the “x.” If a viewer clicks on any of the ad’s text, another window opens to display the full-blown advertisement. After the video has ended, three other relevant text ads appear on the Video Watch page. If you own a Web site, microsite, or very popular blog, you can earn AdSense money from your embedded videos. You will need to meet Google’s thresholds for how many videos you stream a month. To learn more, click on Advertising Programs on Google’s home page and follow the digital breadcrumbs starting with the link Google AdSense, appearing on the right-hand side of the page. Before you apply, give some thought to how adding AdSense ads will fit in with your overall business goals. Obviously, you may not want to clutter up your company’s Web site or microsite with text ads, or even have an ad run prior to the start of your video. By the way, if you’re in YouTube’s Partner Program, you’re all set: AdSense is included, and video or text ads will automatically appear with your videos.I will talk about the other ways to make money on YouTube in my next article,but before then, let me introduce you to the second method.

Alright,so here is the deal,there is a media company named Jonadak media,they can get your YouTube channel monetized within six days but at an affordable price .I cannot advertise for them here but I will drop their contact and mail so you contact them if you are really poised to monetize your YouTube channel

Jonadak Media : 0248377990 

mail :[email protected]

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