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Top Four(4) mobile games made in Ghana.

In the world of entertainment, gaming cannot be put aside. Games are both played in a physical form or by beans of softwares. There are several entertaining games out there and today we will just take a look at the top four of them which are made in Ghana.

#4. Dame

This is a 10 by 10 game of chess. It has ten levels and it can be played both online and offline.

It was released on June, 2020 by ArtSoftGH. It is chess game which is a multiplayer game.


People normally play this game with their friends at home on a wooden plate. However, a soft version has been created which allow people to play it on their phones. It was released on November,2020 by same ArtSoftGh.

#2. Kakum Forest Run

No one ever taught this game will be made in such a location. This is so stunning and brilliant. It is a chasing game made in Kakum National Park. It was released on November, 2015 by Play 233. It plays just like Temple run or subway surfers. It is one of the most loved games in Ghana.

#1. RWC Racing

This is one of the best games made in Ghana so far. It is the first racing game to be made in Ghana. It made available in the game several cars Ghanaians normally use on their roads. It was released on June, 2020 by TheDynasto. It became popular the very year it was released. This is because of the gaming environment and also vehicles made or used to make the game. 

Most post and road signs are perfectly related to the Ghanaian culture.

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