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Here Are 2 Ways Your Phone Could Land You In Jail

As a result of cybercrime activities carried out via gadgets such as computers and mobile phones, the country's technological achievements have suffered severe disadvantages. These drawbacks may outweigh the modern world's great benefits.

In reaction to the rise in cybercrime, for example, restrictions restricting the use of computers and mobile devices have been enacted.

Ghana approved the Cybercrime Act in order to tackle the growing number of criminal crimes involving computers and mobile devices. Despite concerns from various human rights lobbying groups against the legislation's restriction of free expression, it was passed.

Take a look at these five ways a cell phone might land you in jail.

Trademark Infringement

When a firm or an individual registers a word, symbol, or name for use as a means of identification, the phrase, symbol, or name becomes known as a trademark. A trademark might be a word, logo, or a name. The maximum sentence for using or adopting such a name in a legal action is two years in prison.

For such an offense, a fine of Ghc200,000 could be appropriate. One who commits such an offense may face any of these consequences, or both, in the most severe cases.

2. Impersonation

Legal action in the country may be pursued in the event of impersonation on social media sites. The act of pretending to be someone else in order to gain access to a system or obtain some benefit, such as a password or a signature.

Passwords and user names that reveal personal information such as names or addresses are at risk of being outlawed under proposed anti-cybercrime legislation.

There is a maximum term of three years in jail or a fine of Ghc200,000, or both, for this offense.

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