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Checkout The Train That Doesn't Run On Rails And Can Carry Up To 500 People (photos)

A Chinese developer has created tailless trains, that automatically run on any road and can carry up to 500 passengers. The Automated Rail Rapid Transit is 100% electric and can travel 25 kilometres after a recharge of only 10 minutes. 

It is self-driving and runs freely on the road, like a bus, at a speed of up to 70 km/h. Its uniqueness? It doesn’t need rails to move: it follows dotted lines painted on the road.

In reality, the train is running on rubber tires that run along virtual tracks. Thanks to its sensors, it can detect signals, detect turns, elevations and obstacles, adapt its speed to the state of traffic and respond to instructions sent by the central unit.

The system has many benefits, including being able to avoid traffic or road works, creating a more efficient transport system. It also has a priority pass at traffic lights, which encourages users to take public transport.

It's also cheap to maintain thanks to the absence of tracks and no need for overhead lines. It also means there is less pollution because of the rechargeable lithium batteries.

An overhead wire is not necessary due to the integrated batteries. The lithium titanite batteries offer a range of approx. 40 km. After 10 minutes of charging, another 25 km are available.

 Charging of the vehicle batteries is fully automated. The ART system autonomously moves to the correct charging position and the current collector is extended to the power contacts.

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