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One Thing People Will Be Better Off Without

The world we live in and the life we are living, are developing and improving day in day out. Today, the world has become so advanced to the extent that, people have been able to produce incredible and unimaginable things. All which have a massive effect on the life's of every individual. And as people are improving, man have become attached to almost everything this world has to offer.

These things may include money, lifestyle, fashion and so on. Because of the many development and technological advancement in the world, many electronic gadgets have been produced to aid man in his daily activities. An example is the smart phones. These devices help individuals to gain direct access to the internet, for work and other businesses.

Though, all these improvements have made people to forget their way of life so to say. And honestly speaking, people will be better off without the smart phones. Although the device is able to help people in many ways, it also threatens ones lifestyle and behaviour. In the world today, almost every individual in the society owns a smart phone. During the day time, you see people walking with their phones in hand or perhaps doing something on it. This act could possibly lead to accidents. Assuming the individual is only concentrating on the phone other than the road, he is likely to be unaware of a passing vehicle right in front of him which could lead to an accident.

Smart phones without any doubt has made life easier and more interesting, but has also rendered man to become useless. An example, now people are able to order food for delivery to their homes and therefore are refusing to prepare their own foods. Not to mention that, this transaction also costs a lot of money if done on a regular basis. Money which could be saved for other purposes. Truly though, smart phones are very important tools and are very useful to man. Another thing is that, people tend to spend more time on their phones on social media. Thereby distracting them from their days work, and also making them lose money. As they need to buy data bundles to access the social media networks. It is important to spend more time in the real world carrying important tasks, rather then wasting time with smart phones. That is why people will be much better off without smart phones.

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