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Do you like apple? Then find out the dangers of Apple which will make you think twice

There exist much and great fruit of which people are always joming to it.

But aside of these, there is a great side effect of Apple which most people do not know and we want to use this opportunity to make it clear to you.

Even though, the great benefit of Apple should not prevent us from knowing it bad effect elso we will all die secretly without knowing or realizing it.

Let not some basic truth about apple before we go the the bad side of it.

There is a very popular saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been around for a very long while and it shows how well apples thought in the arena of good health.

As a result, doing away with apple for a day, is really a headache to most people and it taste is a great challenge.

But your much loved and innocent looking apples could prove deadly when the consumer is not careful as its seeds contain amygdalin.

When amygdalin comes into contact with human digestive enzymes it is said to release hydrogen cyanide which could be lethal in high doses.

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Apple amygdalin


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