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Reactions As 1963 Newspaper Made A Great Prediction Which Has Come True Today

An article published in a newspaper back in 1963 predicted that people all around the world in the future will be able to carry mobile phones in their pockets. With the headline, ‘You’ll be able to carry phone in pocket in future. This article in the news paper has gone viral. People are amazed on how they were able to predict the future.

The above picture was shared today by OMG Voice on Facebook. The article reads;

"Some day. Mafielders will carry their telephones in their pockets. Don't expect it to be available tomorrow, though, Frederick Huntsman, telephone company commercial manager, says, "This telephone is far in the future commercially.

Right now, it's a laboratory development and it's work able, allowing the carrier to make and answer calls wher ever he may be.

Other telephones of the future includes a kitchen loud speaking telephone, and a visual image telephone.

The kitchen instrument can be used as a regular telephone, a loudspeaking phone if the housewife happens to be basy preparing a meal, or as an intercom station for the home,

The visual image telephone allows the parties to converse by way of a microphone and loud speaker while a miniature television camera trans mits the image. The "TV phone" also will have a writ er signature transmission sys tem and a conversation tape recorder."


Ghanaians have praised the Western World for always thinking ahead of time.

"They always think and plan ahead because they believe the world will never come to an end BUT bibini also think Jesus is coming's all about agenda." A user said.

"Right now the U.S government is planning on wiping out all gas/fuel cars from their system by 2035, so all cars by that year will be electric cars (most of the people who came with that idea may not be alive to see 2035 but their ideas or agenda will still work even though they are dead)" Another user said.

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