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See The 5 Megabyte Hard Disk in 1956

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Technology is a wonderful thing as time goes by what seemed large is now very small in our hands. For example, television of old came in the from CRT ( Cathode Ray Tube ) but now we have them on our walls as LCD ( Liquid crystal Display ).

Below is an image is 5 megabye hard disk from IBM.

it is surprising 5 megabye hard disk in 1956 to so heavy that it has to e pushed into IBM's office. they deemed it as a latest technology meanwhile in our lives today we dont even regard 8 gigs of hard disk or pendrive.

Hard drives with huge storage spaces are getting smaller, but back in year 1956, it was an entirely different story. IBM Introduced this 5 mebabye in 1956, Harddisks became the secondary storage device for computers in the 1960s.

This 5 megabye harddisk was came with covers, the 350 was 60 inches long, 68 inches high and 29 inches deep. Inside it was 50 magnetic disks containing 50,000 sectors, each of which held 100 alphanumeric characters, for a capacity of 5 million characters.Disks rotated at 1,200 rpm, tracks (20 to the inch) were recorded at up to 100 bits per inch, and typical head-to-disk spacing was 800 micro-inches. very slow.

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