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Does purchasing an iPhone 14 series from the US make sense?

Does purchasing an iPhone 14 series from the US make sense?

The iPhone 14 series is available worldwide.

Should you think about purchasing the iPhone 14 series from the US since it is significantly less expensive there?

Apple just revealed the iPhone 14 series, and last week it finally started selling them. The time of year when you ask your American relatives to get you an iPhone when they visit India has arrived.


However, Apple has changed the US iPhone 14 series devices this time around, making them e-SIM only, which may deter consumers from importing them.


The outrageously expensive price of not just the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max but also the standard versions when we compare them to the pricing in the United States is another point that may prevent quite a few people from acquiring the new iPhone in India.


Can you avoid the high price and the e-SIM restriction if you purchase the iPhone 14 series from the US? Would it be wise to do so? Please allow us to assist you in locating some of these answers.

What is the price difference between the iPhone 14 series in the US and India?


The cost of the iPhone 14 series in the US is significantly less than it is in India. For context, here are specifics on how much the iPhone 14 series costs in the US:


The 128GB iPhone 14 is $799 (roughly Rs 63,700).

256GB: $899 (roughly Rs 71,600)

$1099 (approximately Rs 87,600) for 512GB

It's $899 for a 128GB iPhone 14 Plus.

256GB: $999 (roughly Rs 79,600)

$1199 (approx Rs 95,600) for 512GB

$999 for a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro.

256GB: $1099

$1299 (approximately Rs 1,03,500) for 512GB

1TB: $1499 (approximately Rs 1,19,500)(approximately Rs 1,19,500)

The iPhone 14 Pro Max

128GB costs $1099.

256GB: $1199

$1399 (approximately Rs 1,11,500) for 512GB

1TB: $1599 (approximately Rs 1,27,500).

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