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Meet the Girl From Nepal With The Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World. See Photos

Do you remember when you were giving some hand written enhancement books when you started school as a kid?

It was to help improve your handwriting so that it could look nice and visible enough to be read.

Upon several efforts, some did improve their handwriting whilst others couldn’t.

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Most people have very nice handwriting whilst others don’t as a result of the effort and dedication put in place in achieving ones goal.

This girl from Nepal cause lots of stir online with her stunning handwriting.

She rose to fame when her teacher’s friend posted her handwriting on social media which trended on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

She later became popular without even noticing.

Prakriti Malla is a student from Nepal who’s handwriting is considered the most beautiful in the world.

She studied 8th standard in 2017, which made her popular on social media due to her beautiful handwriting.

She was born in Nepal and schools at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Bhaktapur in Nepal.

Prakriti likes to read and write as a result has influenced her handwriting.

She won the Penmanship competition for the most beautiful handwriting organized in Nepal and further went on to win the most stunning signature award.

Prakriti didn’t achieve all these on a silver platter, she practiced to perfect her handwriting 2 hours everyday which has made her the person she is today.

Most people believed it to be fake as her handwriting is really beautiful.

Below are proof of her stunning handwriting that cause traffic online.

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