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Meet the 65 year old woman who has lived in water for the past 20 years and her reasons for doing so

A 65-year-older person from a town in India's West Bengal has probably experienced reliably as far back as twenty years been overpowered with the waters of a nearby lake, on account of a dark ailment. 

Prior to getting into this odd story, I have to reveal how it is unsubstantiated. It turned into viral sensational news in Russia (out of each other put on earth) a month prior, and I've been endeavoring to find a dependable source starting there ahead. Heartbreakingly, I've had no karma. Beside numerous Russian news locales and two or three faulty English destinations, I have found no notification of this woman wherever. Routinely, I wouldn't have given clarifying a shot something like this, yet what really enchanted me about this story is that it goes with a video of this woman siting idly in a lake, without any other person, as others look on from the shore. There's exceptionally a story here, I essentially don't have the foggiest idea whether it's the one I've found. So on the off chance that you're getting this and can give any strong information about this report, I'd love to get warning from you. Anyway, here's the Russian version: 

The 65-year-older person as far as anyone knows lives in an obscure town in West Bengal, India. Every morning, she gets up before first light and walks around a near to lake where she remains brought up down to her neck until the sun sets. She has been doing this carefully since 1998, when she started encountering a confounding condition that left her body energized and sore. The primary concern that seemed to quiet the woman's torture was water, so she started experiencing her days in a lake close to her town, and she's been doing it for over twenty years now. 

Pataruni Gosh (name deciphered from Russian with Google Translate) supposedly spends some place in the scope of 12 and 14 hours in the lake reliably, as she and her family live in a far away district of West Bengal and are too poor to even think about evening consider heading off to a crisis center for treatment. At dusk she rises from the water and gets back, where she achieves whatever work she can prior to resting. 

The "Indian mermaid" apparently eats simply a dash of rice and a couple of vegetables for the duration of the day, as her condition and fixed lifestyle have impacted her hankering. Her relatives conventionally take her dinner to the lake, and she eats in the water to shield her skin from the sun. 

Pataruni can't stand being inaccessible from every other person, so people from her family and various locals typically come to see her and remain with her from the sure. While her relatives have conveyed stresses for her flourishing, they don't have the foggiest idea by what different intends to help her. 

The unconventional people of Pataruni's town acknowledge that she will one day become the spirit of the lake, in the wake of contributing such a lot of energy in it, yet her family believes that they will have the alternative to one day take her to a master and fix her of the confusing sickness

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