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Google Opens An Artificial Intelligence Research Center In Accra

Ghana has become the first African country to have received a project built by the renowned search company around the world, Google. According to the report, Google has built an Artificial Intelligence Research Center (Al) in Accra, Ghana to help facilitate their work on the African continent.

The photos which have surfaced online has spotted how luxurious the building is to make workers feel comfortable while performing their work. Google is known to be a major search engine for people when it comes to searching anything around the world. According to the pictures, the center has a conference hall, sitting hall among others.

Though Google has not make any official announcement yet but it is believe to be announced soon. This is a good news to all Ghanaians because it could be a major tool to reduce unemployment happening in the country. African would be proud to receive such a recognition from Google despite in Ghana.

Beneath are some of the photos from the scene;

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African Al Artificial Intelligence Research Center Ghana Google


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