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How To Get Unlimited Data And Browse The Internet For FREE Using This Simple Technique.

There’s been a lot of techniques and methods of how to get access to unlimited internet data for browsing which been developed over time. Some of these methods work a some time and then fail. What I told you that there is another way to get free internet data at the comfort of your home, by using a magnet and two razor blades. Sounds intriguing right? Let me take you through the whole process on how to do it.

Razor blades have a special semiconductor property discovered by soldiers in World War Two (WWII) that enabled them to make “foxhole” and it is one of our main requirement kit for this free internet

So what you need for this free browsing are; a USB cord, magnet (from condemn speakers or radio), 2 razor blade (the type you use for shaving), 1 yard of Copper coil (for better conductivity make sure you use copper coil), finally, you need prior knowledge on how to solder using soldering iron and lead.

See image and how to set up the free browsing trick below.

Now with all these in place;

Place the two razor blade on the magnet making sure they both partially extend into the middle hole of the magnet as seen in the image above

Now take your copper wire coil proper as is shown in the image above, scratch the both ends of the coated body to enable connectivity when soldered onto the razor blade.

Proceed to soldering the copper coil one end to one end of the razor blade and the other to another.

Take your USB the side needed is the pin that is plugged into your phone along with small length of the USB wire needed to solder unto the the other ends of the razor blades.

Now your USB has four wires two are more thick and are meant to charge phone and the other two for transfer ,so separate the two thick wires meant for charging of phone usually in red and black color and make sure they don't touch each other.

Take the remaining two meant for transfer separate them also and connect one transfer wire to one charging wire and the other to the second charging wire.

Now solder one connection to one side of the blade and the second USB connection to the other side of the blade

Then plug the USB into you phone and start surfing for free. Note, use Samsung or lg phones for better performance.

If you are confused ask questions

Content created and supplied by: Caesar (via Opera News )



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