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How I made over 2,000Gh with my Phone in just a Month - Just try it.

If you are here probably the title of the article made you click to read it and know how I was able to make over 2,000 cedis with my phone. When you search how to make money online, or how to make money with phone, you will get so many videos trying to teach you how to do that. Frankly speaking chances of you getting result from such videos is 0.5%. However I will in this article teach you how I made over 2,000Gh a month with Opera News Hub. A friend introduced the Opera News Hub platform to me in a WhatsApp group and I decided to follow and see what it’s about.

I asked him for clarification and decided to register as a writer, I had no advance knowledge in blogging so did a little research on how to write articles and also how the Opera platform works. The first month I got so many stories rejected and at the end of the month, I made 40 Pesewas. I gave up on the Platform and stopped posting. The following month I got paid the 40 Pesewas I made the previous month it was there I realize that if truly I had made some good monies, the platform was really going to pay.

I got the courage to start writing on the app again and this time I tried to create stories on my own and ones that will interest me to read if I come across it as a reader. My numbers started increasing and and followers as well. My daily earnings kept on increasing which encouraged me to do more. The Opera news hub team contacted me and encouraged me to write more.

I Managed to earn 2,400 cedis in a month and was paid the exact amount by the Opera team the following month, No extra work Is needed just create authentic stories and get paid. A very big thanks to the Opera News Hub team and my followers God bless you all for reading my articles.


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