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Top Three sites To Watch and download Your Anime.

For the anime lovers and those who want to try out anime for the first time, these a some of the best sites to watch and download your anime.


This is the number one(1) site to watch anime in English dubbed anime online with quality display. Basically its very hard to find anime dubbed in English. Not many sites provide it. So if you are a native english speaker, it is one of the coolest websites to watch your anime.As ealier stated, it does not only allow you to watch quality anime but also download neatly your anime.



GoGoAnime is also one(1) of the most popular anime sites.As I said ealier, this a only the best top sites to watch your anime. It's popular because it has a wide variety of content perfectly mapped out for the user. One common feature to 9anime is that it lets you view your favourite anime episodes that are in the main native language ( Japanese ) with English subtitles. There is also an app for this site which lead you straight to the same the site.



Only a few broswers can access this site but if you are able to access it the name says it all, it is the king of top anime streaming sites. This site has made available a wide variety of anime episodes. One of its special features is that, the site is optimised to consume low-bandwidth and loads fully in almost 10 seconds. This site trys as much as possible to make picture quality its periority.

Have fun with your anime.See you soon.

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