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Senseless Things People Are Doing On The Joeboy Alcohol Challenge

Social media was intended to unite family and friends and solve problems such as communication over geographical boundaries. However, it has been noticed that social media comes with many disadvantages.

One key problem is the issue of trends and challenges which encourages people to also perform them. Most of the challenges especially on TikTok have appeared several times in the news.

Last month there was the milk crate challenge which encouraged individuals to pile up milk crates in the firm of a pyramid. Lots of Participants who engaged in this challenge ended up in the hospital.

Early this month (October), the milk crate challenge was replaced by the "slap your teacher challenge" which encouraged students to slap their teachers and then walk away.

Just this week the latest challenge which has popped up is the "Joeboy Alcohol Challenge".

The challenge started when the beautiful masterpiece of a song was released by Joeboy. The song features a catchy line that sings "that's why I sip my alcohol".

Users on TikTok then picked up the song and started a trend where they lip-sync to the tune while either sipping or pouring alcohol over themselves.

As if this bizarre trend wasn't enough, the trend then developed into people now taking things to the extreme.

One lady for instance decided to soil herself with red oil in the name of trending. Another male user also decided to use okro soup, food which hungry and homeless people are always begging for.

Another female user decided to use Gari.

Another lady is also alleged to have ingested detol, which led her to vomit and thus threatening her health.

One of the worst challenges involved a young man sitting in a dirty gutter and pouring the water in the gutter all over himself.

The trends were getting so bizarre that joeboy had to issue official statements through his Twitter handle begging his fans and TikTok users from either pouring or ingesting any unhealthy substance.

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