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Dangerous Mistakes You Do While Using Smartphones

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You don't want your four year old nephew talking to your account on WhatsApp or your friends or family members making unwanted calls from your cell phone. To avoid all these dilemmas, you need to set a password or login model. However, out of the two, passwords are considered the more secure form of protection, as they are rather difficult to hack using pattern methods. The availability of login protection also provides anti-theft apps that you may have installed to wipe data and find your phone.

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With free Wi-Fi comes risk free! Public Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable because hackers can use those connections to remotely access your smartphone and obtain important information. Therefore, only use known Wi-Fi networks that are password protected. If you have an emergency using a public Wi-Fi network, connect via a VPN (virtual private network). This way you guarantee secure access to social networks.

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Research shows that sometimes there are more germs on your phone than on the toilet seat. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your smartphone with an antibacterial solution at least once a week. All you have to do is dab some antibacterial solution on a cotton swab and wipe your phone with it.

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Overcharging the phone can damage the battery by charging it overnight. The electric current forces the battery to stay 100% of the time and this can damage the battery in the long run.

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Assuming your phone is not stolen, the first step is to fail. Anti-theft apps can wipe all your data remotely from falling into the wrong hands and can also locate your phone.

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Software updates mainly improve the functionality of your phone like battery life, interface and more. App updates are also important as they fix issues like security vulnerabilities, issues, and new information. Hence, basically it is very important to install these software updates on the system and apps to keep your phone running at an optimal level.

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It is important to check which app you downloaded, e.g. at least they have good product ratings and good reviews from other users. Since some apps can contain malware, hackers can even damage your phone data through those apps.

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