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How to Overcome Failure and Start Over

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Life is not an escalator to the top; you don't just get to get on and enjoy the easy way up. It's a lot more like the journey Frodo in the Lord of the Rings had to go through; where one day you climb mountains, another day you spend time with friends, some days you face your demons and others where demons almost get you but you live to fight another day.

Before we continue, we need to clarify the meaning of failure because some people have it confused. Failure is that point where there's nothing left for you to do. Failure is when you won't get up the next day. Failure is when you don't get another fighting chance, where you throw in the towel forever. Failure is the end; everything else is an obstacle in your way. First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone who failed for trying to play the game. You need to understand that even though 9 out of 10 businesses fail, there are other 90 people on the sidelines who only dream of making a play for their own business or other goals they set for themselves.

Now you have to face a brutal truth; trying is not enough. Being in the race is not enough to get to the finish line because it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. It's about training, endurance, allocation of resources, self-analysis, discipline and focus. If you failed in your race, you probably lack at least one of these. You failed in school, it's because you didn't study enough studies. You're because you're too lazy to hit the gym and your mind is too weak and unable to stop you from shoving food in your mouth. You're not successful because you find excuses instead of putting your head down and getting back to work.

Yes, some people have it easier than others but you're not running their race, you're running yours and it’s different from theirs. You can literally start from scratch today if you decide to. It's not that easy, I know it's not easy but life is not going to be easy for you. But the harder your life is right now, the bigger the growth you'll experience because life rewards those who tackle difficult problems and overcome difficult obstacles. It’s all starts with a decision of not being a failure; not being someone you no longer want to be no matter your past. No matter your current situation, you decide that starting today, you'll no longer behave like that person. That’s how you change, that's literally it.

Stop doing the bad things you used to do that led you to this position you find yourself in and start doing the things you know will benefit you. It's a race against yourself; it's all in your mind.

Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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