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3 Ways Your Phone Can Send You To Prison.

There is no denying the fact that smartphones are one of the most used and abundant technology worldwide today. Ranging from different types, brands, capacities and specs, smartphones have become the order of the day.

Despite the numerous advantages of smartphones, technological advancements in the world have suffered major drawbacks resulting from cybercrime activities conducted through smartphones. These drawbacks risk obscuring the enormous benefits of technology to the modern world.

The rising number of cybercrime, for instance, has led to the enactment of laws by various countries to govern the usage of smartphones and computers as a mitigatory measure.

Cybercrime Acts have been enacted by governments to curb the rising number of criminal activities associated with smartphones and computer systems. Although there are some resistance from a section of human rights lobby groups who protest the limitation of freedom of expression, if you should go contrary to these laws, you can end up in jail. Below are five ways your mobile phone can make you end up in prison. 

1. Publishing False Information.

There are laws that limit the freedom of a phone user and redefines the freedom of expression. These laws prohibit the publishing of information about a person or entity that has the potential to cause harm to reputation or cause panic. Such an offense could warrant a fine or imprisonment. In some countries you can jailed for a term of 2 years for publishing false information. This applies to publishing or posting false information on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

2. Impersonation.

Impersonation on social media could also lead to legal suits in the country. This refers to any usage of signature, password, or feature of identification of another person. A lot of people impersonate celebrities on social media. Using pseudo accounts with a person's name or symbol of identity could be interpreted as an offense in the cybercrime laws and land you in jail.

3. Cyber Bullying.

Cyberbullying is buttressed in cybercrime laws which denotes any form of communication from a computer system user that could cause fear of violence or detrimental effects on a person’s mental state. This could be in form of texting or posting information that could affect the mental well-being of a person. In most cases, social media is where majority of cyber bullying manifest. Posting or publishing information that could cause fear, apprehension, or is perceived as violence to a person warrants a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years in some states.

In all, although we are all at liberty to use a mobile or smartphone, we have to be careful about what we do with our phones. I hope you found this piece of article educative and informing. Thanks for reading.

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