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Be Vigilant: Checkout How Some Buyers End Up Being Scammed In The Market

I am going to enlighten you in this article by bringing to your notice some mistakes people do when they go to the market. It is not a new thing hearing a person has been a victim of fraud in the market after going out to buy a thing or two.

Basically, the fraud lifestyle is the occupation of some people. They wake up in the morning, pray they do not get caught during the course of the day and set straight to the market to sell fake items to people. I am sure most of you can really relate since you have probably heard about cases of people going to the market to buy phones only to be given soap or wood in the end. Some go to buy iPhones only to take it home and see the apple being replaced by a logo of another brand.

In as much as this is hurtful, people are falling victims to it each and every day and it is so sad. When you ask them how it happened, they will tell you they don't know because they were showed the original product. A video has been circulating this morning and it shows the method they use in confusing people by giving them fake items. The link to the video can be found at the end of this article.

These people get your mind off their fraud by engaging you in a conversation and before you realize, a swap has already been done. Take a look at the movements of the man in ash, he is the one who brought in the fake item. He went there, swapped the item and moved without the buyer noticing.

This guy will probably go home and be crying claiming that he took the right item. Here is the Link to video

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