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Grass To Grace: Meet Young African Making Waves With Amazing Use Of His Mobile Phone. (pictures)

Today I will be showing you a young guy from Nigeria who is a picture taker, thus far, has been making astonishing photoshoots with his cell phone and presently trending on social media across Africa.

He has the right to be praised, and similarly, supported. 

In one of the post, individuals thought it had to realize the person who's behind all the works and to see a greater amount of his work. 

In this manner, below are a few things to know about him, it's an excerpt from one of his interviews: 

"My name is Ajayi Samuel Pelumi, yet my friends call me Sammie. 

I'm 20 years of age. 

I was conceived on the sixth of January, 2000. 

I'm an innovative, nature, representation, narrative and smaller than expected cell phone Photographer. 

I'm from Omuo-oke, Ekiti state in Nigeria

I moved to Lagos in the year 2017 after I lost my Mum to asthma and stroke. 

I lost my dad in 2012 and from that point forward I've realized that life and what I'll become was essentially and exclusively reliant on me and God. 

I began photography December 2019 when I saw my tutor's photos on Twitter. 

Tatchero (my coach) roused me to begin Photography with my telephone. 

In the wake of sending him a DM, he gave me a few hints, added me to Our International Phoneographers Hub, mymobile Photography Journey started. 

Look at Tatchero on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

He has really been into portable Photography since around 2017. 

My advancement since I had the idea "be reliable" in my mind was over-burden. 

I'd go to work from 8am to 6pm and still remain conscious the entire night and use Night membership just to look through the web and watch instructional exercises just to improve. 

I now and then rest for generally 3hours for a great deal of months; and as times passed by, I showed signs of improvement and better. 

I utilized a Tecno Spark 3 to begin my portable Photography Journey. 

Indeed, even as at that point, I despite everything trusted I could make 'Magik'. 

Consistency, arranging and examination helped a great deal. 

Simple to state that my specialty is advanced however the hunger for information and to realize more is ceaseless. 

My energy for Photography isn't similarly as a leisure activity. 

I want to visit the world and express my craft in various nations, race and shading. 

I need to catch feelings everywhere throughout the world. 

Around a quarter of a year back, Tecno Nigeria facilitated a Camon CEO (Camera Experience Officer) Photography rivalry. 

100 individuals won this opposition and I was one of the 100. 

I am a TECNO Camon Ambassador. 

Winning a Camon 15 from this opposition truly helped my works in light of the fact that the camera and capacities improved my work way. 

I began in smaller than usual Photography when I saw that I typically get pulled in to toys. 

What's more, actually I adored vehicles and I know pretty much each and every insight concerning vehicles. 

Race and extravagance vehicles tempted me the most. 

At that point I began purchasing toys, putting resources into them. 

The cost of all my toys in complete presently is about N15,000 (Yes toys are very costly) and I don't reconsider before purchasing. 

I don't get frightened to exhaust my ledger for a photography venture, since I generally let myself know "anything for the enthusiasm" and that "what pays us is the energy". 

So I did my exploration on Miniature Photography and followed the opportune individuals on their socials. 

Trophy Lager brew Nigeria facilitated an opposition about utilizing their brew for workmanship and I took an interest In this opposition. 

For the entire venture of the trophy rivalry, I spent very nearly 20,000 naira. 

Yet, as God will have it, I didn't win, nor was I picked as the best 50. 

Indeed I cried and I felt terrible, yet it didn't shake me. 

My entrances for this opposition are on my page. 

After the Trophy Lager Honorable rivalry, I began thoroughly considering of the container, I began making the extra strange and from that point forward my specialty has significantly improved. 

My fantasy is to visit the world, work for various auto versatile organizations and furthermore a ton of others. 

I need to catch feelings, individuals of various race and shading, catch the most excellent scenes and the strangest looking plants and excellence of nature. 

I am an illustrations originator and a printer and indeed, I additionally took in this. 

The following level in my specialty is claiming a PC for my photography and for my illustrations plans. 

And furthermore to possess a camera. 

What's more, I'm setting something aside for them (individual undertaking never permit the cash rest) 

"God bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa" 

Below are his pictures:

This may sound as a motivation to somebody. He was born into a poor family but then, he decides to made it to be somebody life. 

He never got debilitated by the way that he has lost his parents. He supported himself all through, and endured through all tempests. 

This could likewise be you... in any case, do you have the enthusiasm? 

Along these lines look at his most recent work. 

He tweeted this today: 


A @JadaClub Model of the 2010 @chevrolet CAMARO SS I made in my lawn 

Shot and altered on my Smartphone @TECNOMobileNG Camon 15 and @Lightroom @PicsArtStudio 

My Mobile Photography Journey"

Check the pictures below:

Also, during the introduction above, he mentioned the lager beer competition; see the pictures he took below:

Below are some of his works too:


What's your opinion about his capacity? 

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